Tmall Global web store

Put your products in front of hundreds of millions of online shoppers in China with NZ Post’s Tmall Global web store. Our web store, on China’s largest online marketplace, is supported by our end-to-end supply chain expertise, and is assisting New Zealand companies expand their presence in China.

Access millions of shoppers

Called Xinxilan or ‘Gifts from New Zealand’ our online store, in a new window. , is a simple and effective way for genuine, quality New Zealand retail brands to sell their highly sought after goods on Alibaba Group’s Tmall Global platform, to an estimated audience of 307 million.

Xinxilan is managed by NZ Post, via our team of international business and logistics experts, who have established a network of relationships in China. Our multi-merchant set-up means that Kiwi companies can share the membership and hosting costs, which would usually inhibit many businesses from entering this market. This, coupled with NZ Post’s support and fulfilment capability, means selling into China is now much more accessible.

Merchant benefits

As a Xinxilan merchant, you will benefit from:

  • An opportunity to sell your products on Tmall Global - Alibaba's Global shopping platform, currently providing access to hundreds of millions of online shoppers.
  • Access to NZ Post’s relationships with organisations in China, including China Post, Alibaba Group and freight company Cargo Services Far East.
  • Your products will be shipped directly to consumers via NZ Post’s own supply chain service.
  • Your products will be stored in NZ Post’s warehouse in Auckland, where our team will pick, pack, label and mail them on your behalf.
  • Market expertise from our digital agent in China and complete management of all store level marketing on your behalf.

What sort of merchants should apply for

There are a number of key product categories that are best suited to selling at in a new window. . If you are selling one (or more) products in the categories below then Xinxilan could be a great opportunity:

  • Luxury non-perishable foodstuffs (e.g. honey or jam)
  • Mother and baby items (not milk powder)
  • Gifts and treats
  • Natural healthcare products
  • Skincare
  • Home and living

NZ Post reserves the right to select the Merchants for in a new window.


To help you decide whether in a new window. is the right fit for your business, and to find out more, please contact one of our global logistics specialists.