International Air Satchel Tracked

International Air Satchel Tracked is a tracked service to send light-weight (up to 2kg) and low value (up to $250) parcels overseas. 

This is a cost-effective tracked service with a 3-10 working day delivery target to send to key destinations. 

This service is available for NZ Post business accounts and can be used by signing up for a free account on Business Self Service.

Geographic coverage and service standards

Zone A      
Zone C      
  Cambodia China - People's Republic of Hong Kong
  Indonesia Japan Korea - Republic of (South)
  Macau Malaysia Philippines
  Singapore Taiwan Thailand
Zone D      
  Austria Belgium Canada
  Croatia Denmark Estonia
  Finland Germany Greece
  Hungary Iceland Ireland
  Italy Jersey Latvia
  Lithuania Luxembourg Malt
  Netherlands Norway Poland
  Portugal Serbia Slovakia
  Slovenia Spain Sweden
  Switzerland United Kingdom  
Zone US      
  United States of America    
Zone E      
  Brazil India Israel
  Mauritius Mexico Russian Federation
  Saudi Arabia South Africa Turkey
Delivery Target 3 - 10 working days
Tracking Events Available from pick up at origin to final delivery at destinations



Shipping cost

The shipping cost of International Air Satchel Tracked is based on the weight and destination.

It is charged in 10g increments and the chargeable weight is rounded up to the next 10g. The minimum charge for International Air Satchel Tracked is 100g.

Our global delivery network is divided into six zones and the shipping costs are associated with the zone your parcel is sent to. For more information on destinations, please see world zones.

Requirements on weight and dimensions

Your parcels including packaging need to meet the below requirements to use International Air Satchel Tracked service.

Max length + width + depth per item  Max length of any side per parcel Max weight per parcel
900mm 600mm 2kg


Max length + (diameter x 2) per item 

Max length of any side per parcel  Max weight per parcel 
1,040mm 900mm 2kg


We also offer International Air Small Parcel and International Air Satchel services for sending light-weight (up to 2kg) and low value (up to $250) items. To send larger and heavier parcels overseas, we offer International Air Parcel, International Courier and International Express Courier.

Sending by International Air Satchel Tracked

To send your parcel by International Air Satchel Tracked you need to:

  • Create the shipping labels via any NZ Post electronic lodgement tool (Business Self Service, eShip or APIs)
  • Attach the labels to your parcel
  • Include an Export Invoice (NCPI025) or a copy of the commercial invoice attached to the outside of the parcel if your parcel is sent as part of a commercial transaction
  • Schedule a courier pick-up via 0800 268 743.

Things you need to know

  • All parcels sent internationally require a complete and accurate Customs declaration. Once you have created a proper shipping label, you have already provided the Customs declaration. 
  • The information contained within the declaration may be electronically transmitted to the destination postal administration and national government agencies (such as Customs) in advance of arrival for fiscal, risk, security and border clearance purposes, in line with national and international legislation. Learn more about Electronic Advance Data.
  • For the latest updates on affected delivery times or items we temporarily cannot accept, check our ​international mail service announcements.
  • Ensure your item is safe to send by checking our prohibited and restricted items information.
  • Find out if you’ll be compensated if your item goes missing or gets damaged and how much you may be entitled to, subject to your compliance with our terms and conditions. The maximum compensation value of International Air Satchel Tracked is NZ$250.

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