Key benefits

  • Manage your cash flow by taking advantage of our deferred payment option (available to New Zealand Post credit account customers only).
  • Helps you access Bulk Mail. A PermitPost number is mandatory if you want to use any of the Bulk Mail products.
  • Saves time and increases efficiency. By using PermitPost you pre-print your PermitPost impression on your mail items. This eliminates the need to lick hundreds of stamps or spend time at a franking machine.
  • Hassle-free. It's easy to set up, implement and manage. Your PermitPost number can be used for both envelopes and parcels (excluding ParcelPost tracked and ParcelPost PO Box priority) within New Zealand and overseas.

Step by step guide

To use PermitPost you simply pre-print an approved PermitPost impression on each mail item in place of a stamp or DPM indicia. The PermitPost impression indicates that you are using PermitPost as a method of deferred payment. All lodgements where PermitPost is being used as a payment method must be accompanied by a completed Statement of Posting (also referred to as an AR19N form) or Lodgement Manager manifest to enable billing.

To follow is some more detail on the key steps you need to take to get set up as a PermitPost user:

How to apply for a PermitPost number

A member from our Contact team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Layout requirements for your PermitPost mail item

You can use either a Standard PermitPost impression (PDF - 537KB) or make your own customised impression. Customised impressions can be used with full rate mail, parcels, and GoFlexible, PrintPost and Adcard services.

The following standards are mandatory when using Bulk Mail products and services and we strongly advise following them for full rate items.

Envelope layout standards

When designing a new PermitPost mail item, make sure to check the Envelope layout standards for the Bulk Mail product you intend using.

All PermitPost items must have a return address. The return address can be located on either the front or the back of the envelope, and must be clearly distinguishable from the delivery address.

Addressing layout standards

All mail items need a valid delivery address. Information about the correct way to address mail pieces can be found in our addressing layout standards.

If you are unsure about how either of these standards apply to your mailing, please contact [email protected]. They can assess your envelope for you.

Lodging PermitPost mail

  • Domestic mail: You must lodge a minimum of 300 items or postage to the combined value of $420 (incl GST) or more at each mailing. A PermitPost processing fee of $10 will be charged for mailings that don't meet this minimum.
  • International Mail: You must lodge a minimum of 50 items or postage to the combined value of $100 (inc GST) or more at each mailing. A PermitPost processing fee of $10 will be charged for mailings that don't meet this minimum.
  • A completed Statement of Posting form or Lodgement Manager manifest is essential lodgement documentation that must accompany all mail items where PermitPost is being used a deferred payment method. Any PermitPost mail lodged without this documentation will be held until it is located. If you don’t have access to either of these forms, please contact our National Contact Centre or email [email protected].
  • Lodge your PermitPost mail along with your completed lodgement documentation as described above at PostShops or PostCentres which accept PermitPost mail, or Mail Service Centres weekdays during working hours.
  • If your mail is collected by a courier, remember to include your completed documentation in your mail bag.
  • PermitPost items must not be lodged in street posting boxes or letter slots at PostShops. If we detect any PermitPost mail in the network that has been lodged via street receivers or letter box slots in PostShops, it may result in the lodging customer being contacted, the mail being delayed or returned to sender.
  • Bundle your PermitPost mail with addresses facing outwards and the PermitPost impression in the top right-hand corner.

Paying for mail sent using PermitPost

PermitPost allows you to pay on deferred payment terms. As such, it is available to New Zealand Post credit account customers only. For more information on our credit payment system:

Other important points about PermitPost

  • PermitPost items are not post marked, date stamped or cancelled.
  • New Zealand Post reserves the right to cancel any PermitPost number at any time.
  • Please don't use your PermitPost envelopes as Business Reply Paid envelopes. Enquire about FreePost if you want to get your customers to respond to your mailing.
  • Your New Zealand Post PermitPost impression can only be used to pay for items being sent through the New Zealand Post network.

Further information

If you require any further information about PermitPost: