Volume Mail International

A cost-effective way to send large numbers of letters and documents internationally by Economy International service with a delivery target of 3 to 10 working days.

Volume Mail International is available to NZ Post Account customers who post large amounts of mail at the same time - it offers greater flexibility with weight and size limits and can cut back administrative time and costs.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility: Each letter has a maximum allowable weight of 500g. Oversized printed material and parcels have a maximum allowable weight of 1kg.
  • Easy to use: Only sort by Volume Mail International destination zone.
  • Items based on actual weight: Prices are based on the weight and destination of your items. You only pay for what you send, up to the next 10g increment for each item.
  • Zero-rated GST: This saves you administrative time in reclaiming GST.

*The cost of domestic air freight, if requested, will attract GST.

What can I send?

  • Letters up to 500g per letter.
  • Oversized printed matter up to 1kg per item.

Letters and oversized printed material items for each lodgement must be identical. Identical items may contain multiple copies of the same publication/contents, e.g. magazines, where some recipients want two or more copies in an envelope (up to a maximum of four different weights) or where the contacts are identical e.g. a statement and/or invoice in the same envelope.


The minimum lodgement quantity is either:

  • 400 identical letters per lodgement with a maximum weight per item of 500g, or;
  • 400 identical oversized printed material items with a maximum weight per item of 1kg

Sending letters

  • Ensure your lodgement has a minimum of 400 identical letters
  • Check that each letter weighs no more than 500g
  • Ensure that each letter is properly labelled with a PermitPost impression or a pre-printed PermitPost impression
  • Attach an Economy, or Par Avion service Indicator Sticker to each letter or pre-print with an 'Economy International' indicia
  • Complete a Statement of Posting form (AR019N) fully and accurately
Product information for sending letters
Size Max dimensions (height x length x thickness)
per letter
Max weight per letter Min volume per lodgement
Large 260mm x 385mm x 20mm 500g 400
identical items


Sending oversized printed material

  • Ensure your lodgement has a minimum of 400 identical items.
  • Check that each oversized printed material item weighs no more than 1kg.
  • Ensure that each item is properly labelled with a PermitPost impression and attach an Economy, or Par Avion international service Indicator Sticker.
  • Ensure the words 'printed matter' are clearly recorded on each item.
  • Complete a Statement of Posting form including accurate quantities and weights.
Product information for sending oversized printed material items
Max length + width + depth
per item
Max length of any side
per item
Max weight per item Max value per item Min volume per lodgement
900mm 600mm 1kg NZ$250 400
identical items

Our compensation cover is not available for items posted using the Volume Mail service.

Contact your NZ Post Account Manager today to see if you qualify for International Volume Mail savings, or our Customer Care Centre.