Global Business

Send direct mail, letters and documents, parcels, oversized parcels and freight from offshore to existing or potential customers in New Zealand with New Zealand Post.

Up to 300 letters & documents

Send your letters and documents within New Zealand


Over 300 letters & documents

Bulk Mail options to send over 300 letters or documents within New Zealand.



We offer a range of options to send your parcels internationally.



There are two ways businesses can send large, unusually shaped or heavy parcels over 25kg within New Zealand.



When you receive incorrect mail and you want to return it.

Data Services

We’ll help you’re your business clean and certify address databases, and find and keep customers.


Prohibited items

Find out if your lost or damaged item is covered by our standard compensation agreement.


Mailing dates & times

Find out when to send your letters, cards, parcels and presents to family and friends to get there before the next special occasion.

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