Online services

Explore the services and features that you can access on the New Zealand Post website.

Buy postage and packaging

Shop for postage and packaging to send your letters, documents and parcels within New Zealand or internationally.

Pay for and print postage online

Find out what it will cost to send your item around New Zealand or across the world. You can then pay for the postage, print out the label and post in a parcel drop box or over the counter at your local PostShop.

Mail Delivery Services

Register with Mail Delivery Services for all your mail needs when moving house. Using this free service you can hold your mail, redirect it, and tell organisations that you have changed address.

Renew your PO Box or Private Bag online

All you need is a credit card number, the PO Box or Private Bag number and your Customer Number to renew it for a year.

Send online shopping with YouShop

YouShop makes it easier to get your online shopping sent from the USA to your door.

Track your items & receive alerts on their status

Track your domestic and international parcels. Add a parcel name to your item and subscribe for tracking alerts.

Buy stamps and collectables

Shop for New Zealand commemorative stamps and coins.

Prezzy cards

Purchase a prepaid gift card that can be used to shop with Visa retailers in store, at selected online stores and over the phone.