Taking your business to the world

If you have overseas customers, then we’ve got the tools you need to deliver products to 220 markets around the world. We offer helpful solutions for sending practically anything anywhere, from one letter to a whole container load.

Pick-up service – free for items over 2kg!

We’ll pick up any item over 2kg, or those with a consignment note that you’re sending via International Express Courier or International Courier if you're eligible.

Items under 2kg can be put in an International Air Satchel for pick-up, if you’re eligible.

Delivery with no hidden charges

Use our international delivery services and you won’t pay any variable fuel surcharges or fees for rural delivery! You won’t pay surcharges or fees, other than those for freight and customs clearance or extra compensation cover if required.

Take advantage of our international partnerships

Our connections can be your competitive advantage. As New Zealand’s representative in the Universal Postal Union, we’ve built strong relationships with more than 220 distribution networks in key markets around the world – which means we have extensive knowledge that can help Kiwi businesses make real international headway.

Print consignment notes online with RedClick

RedClick is our online service that enables you to generate and print your own documentation for a range of international solutions. If you have multiple shipments you can load the name and address details as one file and all the documentation you need will be automatically generated. RedClick is free – and in most cases won’t require you to install additional software.

Make it easy for overseas customers to reply

International Business Reply allows customers to easily communicate with you at no cost to them – and you only pay for each response you receive.

Sending large items overseas

If you’re sending large items, items in bulk, bringing in stock or raw materials, take advantage of our complete door-to-door International Freight service. We’ll sort all the importing and exporting requirements, plus customs clearance and documentation.

Send in bulk – and save!

Our International Bulk Mail service gives you access to great rates for sending large amounts at a time. You can qualify with as few as 500 items.