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Payment of relevant daily pay

You're either on this page because you've been identified as a former New Zealand Post Group employee who is owed an arrears payment, or you are unsure if you are eligible for an arrears payment and would like to find out more. You can either make a claim now, track an existing claim or read on to find out more about relevant daily pay arrears payments, what they are, and how you can find out whether you’re eligible.

A court ruling in late 2012 - on the interpretation of the Holidays Act 2003 - has resulted in the company recalculating payments to its current and former employees for sick leave, bereavement leave, union leave, alternative leave and public holidays taken since 1 April 2004, for employees who worked and were paid for unrostered overtime or call back. It excludes annual leave and all other leave types. This recalculation means some former and current employees are entitled to receive an arrears payment.

Anyone who was employed by New Zealand Post Limited (or any of its subsidiary companies listed below) on or after 1 April 2004, and who received overtime or call back, may be eligible for a payment to correct some leave calculations.

New Zealand Post Group businesses

The New Zealand Post Group businesses include:

  • New Zealand Post Limited
  • Express Couriers Limited
  • Datam Limited (formerly Datamail Limited, Moore Gallagher Limited)
  • Converga Group Limited (formerly Outsource Solutions Limited)
  • Reach Media New Zealand Limited (formerly Letterbox Channel)

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