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Love online shopping but hate missing your parcel deliveries?

NZ Post is looking to launch a new service, ParcelHub, that lets you organise when and where you get your local and international parcels delivered, regardless of the carrier. A trial is starting shortly so please register your interest if you think you’d like early access to, and input into the development of, this service.

Registrations for this trial are now closed. If you are keen to be involved, please email us.

How will it work?

1. Get a ParcelHub address.

Sign up online and instantly get your own personal ParcelHub address, and preset your preferred delivery options, and preferred notification options.

2. Start using your ParcelHub address at any shopping site.

Shop at your favourite online retailers (both here and overseas), using your ParcelHub address at the checkout.

3. We’ll let you know when they’ve arrived.

Once your shopping has landed at your ParcelHub address, we’ll notify you via email or SMS to confirm the preferred delivery option. From here, log in to your dashboard to manage your deliveries as needed.

4. Enjoy Delivery Bliss

You get your deliveries, first time.

Delivery options offered include:

  • Weekdays
  • Weeknights
  • Saturday morning

The service is being promoted initially as a trial and during this time we hope to obtain your input and ideas on how we can maximise the benefits of this service for you, including feedback on what delivery times suit you best.

How much will it cost?

We are currently investigating two pricing options for ParcelHub users depending on how many parcels you receive. ParcelHub pricing covers the cost of delivery from your ParcelHub address to a delivery destination in New Zealand of your choice. These options are indicative and we may add or amend these options as a result of the trial, depending on the feedback we receive.

Basic membership

Perfect for one-off shoppers. Once your parcel has landed at your ParcelHub address, pay a one-off delivery fee of $5 per delivery to receive your parcel when you want it.

Premium membership

Ideal for shoppers who buy a lot. For a $20 subscription fee per month you can get up to 8 deliveries in pre-set windows.

Change your mind? Cancel your membership at any time without penalty.


  • No more Card to Calls or missed delivery notices
  • No more lengthy trips out to a depot to pick up your parcels
  • Take your time - parcels can remain at our secure warehouse for up to 30 days
  • Consolidate your parcels to get them conveniently delivered in one go
  • Get notifications about your scheduled deliveries.