Loaded Everyday card

Get a reloadable prepaid Visa card to use for purchases online, in-store or to get cash from ATMs. It’s the convenience of a credit card with the control of a prepaid card.

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The Loaded Everyday card is an exciting blend of convenience, cash and control. It’s a prepaid Visa card that you can use for shopping online, over the phone, in-store and at more than 36 million Visa retailers in New Zealand and around the world. And you can use it at 2 million ATMs too.

All you do is load your card and you’re ready to go. With a Loaded Everyday card, you get all the security of the card being separate from any other bank accounts you operate.

The Loaded Everyday card is great for:

  • Secure online shopping – perfect when you don’t want to expose your credit or debit card details on the internet.
  • Managing your budget – a prepaid cards gives more control than other cards.
  • Pocket money – help teach your kids how to manage their money.
  • People who are too young or don’t qualify for a credit card – anyone over the age of 10 can get one.

How much does it cost?

It costs just $18.50 for a new Loaded Everyday card, and $1.50 a month in account fees.

Other fees apply. A full list of Loaded Everyday card fees and limits is available at loadedeveryday.co.nzOpens in a new window.

Ready to get one?

You’ll need to pop into your local PostShop with some ID. For full ID requirements see nzpost.co.nz/id-requirements.

Loaded cards are promoted by New Zealand Post Limited and are issued by Kiwibank Limited. Kiwibank Limited’s Disclosure Statement is available from your local Kiwibank or at www.kiwibank.co.nzOpens in a new window. . Loaded Everyday cards are only available for purchase by persons in New Zealand and are not offered to any person outside New Zealand (and by purchasing a Loaded card you represent to us that you are in New Zealand and not in any other jurisdiction). The Kiwibank “Loaded” names, logos and related trademarks and service marks are owned by Kiwibank Limited.

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