Sending money within NZ

Securely transfer money within New Zealand at your local PostShop with domestic money orders.

Domestic money orders are an easy and reliable way to send and receive up to $999.99 – and you don’t necessarily need a bank account.

Domestic money orders are great for:

  • sending money as a gift to friends or family within New Zealand
  • making payments to businesses with a money order certificate
  • sending money to a loved if they run out of cash while travelling in New Zealand
  • if your wallet, cash or banks cards are stolen and you need money urgently

To transfer money simply fill in an application form at your local PostShop then send a Money Order Certificate through the mail or transfer money electronically on the spot.

To collect a money order the receiver will need to visit their local PostShop. We’ll pay the amount in cash or into a bank account. If you are redeeming multiple money orders that cumulatively amount to $500 or more you will require valid ID. Visit for acceptable forms of identity documentation.

Things you need to know

If you are under 18 and want to redeem a Money Order Certificate you must provide valid ID to receive the funds in cash, or have a parent, guardian or caregiver (with a valid form of ID) to present the Money Order Certificate on your behalf. Visit for acceptable forms of ID.

All money order details are recorded by us, so if you lose your money order certificate or forget your pin notify your local PostShop or contact our Customer Service Centre.

Business redemption

You can redeem your Money Order certificate by taking it to any PostShop with your bank deposit slip. Once redeemed, the Money Order will be deposited into your nominated bank account in New Zealand by New Zealand Post.

Benefits for Businesses

The use of Money Orders provides a number of benefits for businesses and their customers:

  • Funds are pre-cleared provided the Money Order terms and conditions are met.
  • Funds can be deposited by New Zealand Post directly into a nominated bank account in New Zealand.
  • Your customers don’t need a bank account or credit card to do business with you. This gives you access to a wider market.
  • Money Orders can be posted to New Zealand Post for redemption. This saves you from having to physically visit a PostShop.
  • Unlike other payment methods, there is no cost charged by New Zealand Post to redeem a Money Order.

If your business receives substantial volumes of Money Order certificates, please contact us at or at our Customer Service Centre, so that we can develop a redemption process that best suits your organisation.

Money orders are issued by Kiwibank Limited. Download Kiwibank's Disclosure StatementOpens in a new window. or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.

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