The RealMe service is New Zealand's secure online identity verification service, officially backed by the government.

Real Me logoRealMe does two key jobs. It gives you a single login to multiple participating online services. If you upgrade to a verified RealMe account, it also works as your online ID. With a verified account you’ll be able to officially prove who you are for important online transactions with participating organisations. This means you’ll soon be able to do things like opening a bank account without needing to front up in person.

Why get it?

The RealMe service is the new way for you to prove who you are online and anyone living in New Zealand can use the RealMe service.

You can also access lots of online services safely with just one username and password. Once you get verified you can then almost instantly prove who you are on the Internet with participating organisations for the next five years. This means no more running around to prove your identity in person and it’s free to customers!

The RealMe service puts you in control

You control what information you share and when you share it. You consent for the RealMe service to release and share the personal information held by official sources with other organisations (like a bank). But only when you tell it to – saving you a lot of paperwork and running around.

To find out more about the RealMe service and create your own RealMe account, visit the RealMe websiteOpens in a new window. .