Receiving mail & parcels

Receive your mail easily, securely and at your own convenience with our range of services.

Receiving your parcels

You can choose how you get your parcels.

Redirect mail

Redirect your mail when you move in New Zealand or overseas.

Change service

Moving house can be a hassle. But letting businesses know your new mailing address is easy with Change.

Hold mail

We can hold your mail so you don’t have to worry about your mailbox overflowing while you’re away.


We have a parcel delivery service called ParcelPod in several locations around New Zealand.

PO Box & Private Bags

A PO Box or Private Bag is the secure and convenient way to have your mail delivered.

Counter delivery

If you need a short term mailing address of up to three months, use our Counter delivery service located at your local PostShop and some PostCentre outlets.

Community mailboxes

If Rural Post owner-drivers or Posties don’t deliver mail in your area, you may be able to access a free New Zealand Post Community mailbox, for a limited period of time.

Rural Delivery

If you live in rural New Zealand, Rural Post can deliver your mail and CourierPost items as well as provide a pick up service for outgoing mail and CourierPost items, free of charge.

Poste Restante

Poste Restante is an inexpensive service for receiving letters and parcels while you’re visiting New Zealand from overseas.

Mailbox specifications

Help our Posties deliver your mail safely, securely and efficiently by meeting our mailbox specifications.

Return to sender

When you receive incorrect mail and you want to return it.

Undeliverable mail

Find out what happens to mail sent within New Zealand and from overseas that’s undeliverable.