How does ParcelPod work?

How ParcelPod works

How ParcelPod works

1. Sign up to ParcelPod

You'll need a New Zealand Post online account

Sign up to a New Zealand Post online account

Already have a New Zealand Post online account?

Sign up to ParcelPod

Register to use the ParcelPod service

To get started you’ll need your name, address, email address and either a credit or debit card number to register. Plus your mobile number if you choose to receive text notifications together with the email notifications.

Then it’s as simple as choosing a ParcelPod location and paying for the service.

ParcelPod subscription fee

The fee for using this service is $5 for three months or $10 for six months. There are no additional charges for text messages we send as part of the service.

You can select to have your subscription to renew automatically.

Once you’ve registered you’ll receive your unique eight digit ParcelPod ID.

If you choose a Box Lobby ParcelPod you’ll need to visit the selected Box Lobby to collect your Box key.

2. Start using ParcelPod to receive parcels when trading or shopping online

Use your ParcelPod address when you trade or shop online; and tell friends and family that it’s your new convenient parcel delivery address.

Your ParcelPod address will look like the following:

David Key (your name)
ParcelPod 51280067 (your unique #)
Albany Box Lobby
Auckland 0752

David Key (your name)
ParcelPod 51280067 (your unique #)
2 Bunny Street
Wellington 6011

David Jones (your name)
ParcelPod 51280067 (your unique #)
Christchurch Box Lobby
Christchurch 8140


3. We’ll let you know, by email (and text if you choose) when

  • your parcel is ready for collection
  • your parcel has been in a ParcelPod for 24 hours but has not been collected
  • the collection time has expired (after at least 48 hours) and we’ve returned your parcel to a depot, or it is now available at the Box Lobby counter for collection
  • your parcel needs to be collected at a depot or Box Lobby counter because your parcel does not meet the ParcelPod size, weight and/or content requirements
  • your international parcel requires a Duty or GST payment to be made
  • your parcel has been sent by a sender or service that requires a physical signature for collection.

For tracked services you will continue to receive tracking notifications via your chosen notification method(s).

4. Collect your parcel

Once you have received your parcel notification you’ll have at least 48 hours to collect your parcel from your ParcelPod location.

You can receive more than one parcel at any one time, and you can use ParcelPod as many times as you like during your subscription.

Collecting a parcel in Auckland from Victoria Street West and from Wellington Railway Station

At the ParcelPod simply enter the collection code that was sent to you by text or email. Once your code has been entered, the appropriate door will open.

Collecting a parcel from Box Lobby ParcelPod locations

When you are at your Box Lobby use your Box key, collect the ParcelPod Key from your PO Box. Open the ParcelPod to collect your parcel, and put the ParcelPod Key in the returns slot.

Please note that Box Lobbies use email for parcel notifications. Text is not available.

The ParcelPod won't open? Lost your collection code or Box key?

Contact our National Contact Centre for assistance.

See our ParcelPod Terms and Conditions for more information.