Letters & documents

Send your letters and documents within New Zealand.

Send your letters and documents to a street, rural, New Zealand Post PO Box or Private Bag address within New Zealand.

Letter size* Maximum dimensions
height × length × thickness
Maximum weight Standard Post
(required postage**)
Delivery target: up to 3 working days
(eg. E9, DLE, cheque mailer)
130mm × 235mm × 6mm 500g $1.40 (or 1 × KiwiStamp)
(eg. C5)
165mm × 235mm × 10mm 500g $2.70
(eg. E35, A4)
260mm × 385mm × 20mm 1kg*** $4.00

* Refer to our online shop for more envelope sizes.

** The required postage is the value of postage required for New Zealand Post to carry the item and is GST inclusive.

*** Items larger than 260mm x 385mm, thicker than 20mm, or heavier than 1kg are classified as parcels

Standard Post

Standard Post has a delivery target of up to three working days nationwide and offers a range of letter sizes and postage options.

KiwiStamp postage stamp

Use KiwiStamp postage stamps to send letters and documents by Standard Post within New Zealand.