Oversized items

Send large, unusually-shaped or heavy parcels over 25kg within New Zealand.

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What is an "oversized" parcel

  • Weight over 25kg,
  • Height, length or thickness over 1500mm
  • Volume over 0.125m3

Note: Volume is calculated by height x length x thickness.

Use the Rate Finder for parcels which are not oversized.

How to send oversized parcels

Do you have something big or bulky that you need to shift?

Transport large, big, oversized items across New Zealand using freight removal and delivery trucks to move it. We have teamed up with nationwide suppliers to provide you an effective option to move bulk items around the country.

Visit the Pace websiteOpens in a new window. or phone 0800 501 502 for more information.

Same working day

Pace Courier Services offers an urgent door-to-door service for parcel delivery across town within the hour, or same day within New Zealand.

Visit the Pace websiteOpens in a new window. to find out more, or phone 0800 501 502.