Sending guidelines

How to address mail

Check out our guidelines on how to address your items correctly so it reaches its destination on time, every time. 


Find out how postcodes work and view our Postcode Directory and maps.

How to package items

Check out our handy tips on packaging your items so they arrive safely and securely. 

Pricing tables for NZ

Find out delivery prices and sizes for NZ Post packaging and see delivery prices for your own packaging when sending parcels from NZ to NZ.

Prohibited & restricted

Not all items are suitable for sending by post or courier. Please check that your item is safe to send.

Cover for loss of damage

Learn what you're covered for, and how to make a claim for an item that's lost or damaged.

Mailing dates & time

See the public and regional holidays that can affect delivery times.

Custom forms

If you’re sending documents or parcels internationally, you’ll need to complete Customs documentation.

World zones

See the delivery targets for the 6 world zones when using one of our International mail services.

Send oversized items within NZ

Send large, unusually-shaped or heavy parcels over 25kg within New Zealand.

Send oversized items overseas

Learn about how to send large, unusually shaped item or ones that are over 30 kgs overseas.