Passport photos

Get your passport photos taken at one of our participating New Zealand Post retail outlets.

Please note from 1 March 2019 we will only offer NZ, British and German passport photos.

What our service provides

A set of up to six high resolution, full colour photographs printed on one sheet of high quality paper or emailed straight to your inbox costs $20 or both types for $25. The number of photos printed will depend on the country's photo size requirements.

Benefits of our passport photos service

Here are some great reasons to get your passport photo done at a PostShop:

  • Replacement photo for free if in the unlikely event a passport photo specifically taken for New Zealand, British or German passport applications is not accepted. See our free replacement photo offer.
  • Get your photos straight away - either a physical set or an electronic copy emailed straight to your inbox. Please tell us which format/s you require when you visit our stores as we cannot retrieve photo data at a later time.
  • No need to book.
  • Convenient.
  • Sort all your travel requirements at the same time.
  • Get up to 6 passport photos depending on the country's requirements.
  • It only costs $20 for either the printed or emailed set or $25 for both.

Please note that passport photos for infants and young children (under two years) are not currently offered.

Find out more about New Zealand passport requirementsOpens in a new window. and PostShop locations that offer this service.

Quality of the photos

The passport photo hardware used to take the photos in our PostShops is automated and intuitive for correct positioning. Photos cannot be taken until a number of automated criteria such as lighting, position and eyes being open meet pre-determined passport photo requirements.

As a result there’s less risk a PostShop photo will not be accepted by the relevant passport authority. New Zealand Post will provide a free replacement set of photos in the unlikely event a photo is rejected by a passport authority we’ve configured the system for. We offer this for New Zealand, British and German passports.

Free replacement photo offer

This offer applies to:

  • Printed New Zealand passport photos for New Zealand passport applications.
  • Emailed New Zealand passport photos for online New Zealand adult passport renewals (single photo only).
  • Printed British passport photos for British passport applications.
  • Emailed British passport photos for online British adult passport renewals.
  • Printed German passport photos for German passport applications.

In the unlikely event that the photo is not accepted, we will replace it for free at any PostShop offering the passport and ID photo service provided:

  • You can present your receipt (which proves the type of passport photo you had taken).
  • You can show us the letter of rejection you received from the New Zealand, German or British passport authority by either bringing it into store, or emailing it to [email protected].
  • You can show us your emailed photo set by either bringing it into store, or emailing it to [email protected] with the date the photo was taken and the name of the store.

Our free replacement photo offer does not apply if a photo has been turned down because it is older than six months or if you resize or alter the photo in anyway, or save it in a different file format to which it was supplied.

Photo requirements are not the same for each country’s passport application, so the free replacement photo does not apply if a photo is taken using one country’s requirements but is then used for another country’s application. For example, if a photo taken for a New Zealand passport is turned down for a British passport application, and vice versa.

Please note that your passport application can be rejected for reasons other than a non-compliant photo. We take no responsibility for these rejections.

Safety first

Some customers won’t be tall enough to be at camera height. A number of our locations have stools to sit on and young children will need to be appropriately supported by a parent or guardian. For safety reasons we do not allow anyone to stand on a stool. If our team is not able to take a compliant photograph in a safe manner they may suggest you try another location.

Get two important identity credentials in one go!

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