Prezzy card

One gift card, 36 million places to spend it!

Prezzy card is the perfect gift because the person you give it to can choose from 36 million Visa outlets around the world, including selected online merchants.

It may be a book, dinner out, a special something they’ve had their eye on – almost anything they like!

Prezzy card is easy to get, easy to give.

Buying Prezzy cards

There are three ways you can buy a Prezzy card:

  1. Buy up to 30 cards online for $5.95 per card.
    • Cards can be loaded with between $25 and $500 on each card.
    • Prezzy cards ordered online can be sent to any postal address within New Zealand.
    • Cards are dispatched via courier to be received within 5 working days after you complete your order. Find out more about ordering Prezzy cards onlineOpens in a new window. .
    • Please note that only Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards which have been issued in New Zealand and Australia are accepted for payment.
  2. Buy at your PostShop for $5.95 each using cash or Eftpos and load $25 to $500 on each card.
  3. For bulk orders, businesses can contact our Prezzy card Customer Support at or on 04 460 5375.

Posting a Prezzy card

If you've bought a Prezzy card and plan to post it, find out about posting a Prezzy CardOpens in a new window. .

To find out more about Prezzy cards, visit the Prezzy card websiteOpens in a new window. .

$5.95 per card + $2.50 postage & packaging per order incl. GST to one address

Enter a four-digit activation code. Please share this number with the person you're giving the Prezzy Card to.