Sending letters and documents overseas by post

It’s easy to send a letter or document overseas. Use our handy Rate Finder to select the best service for your needs and take a look at the sending tips below.

How to prepare your letter or document for sending

Buying stamps and postage included envelopes to send your item is easy and convenient. You can purchase them:

  • Online - the easiest and most efficient way to buy
  • From your local PostShop or at selected New Zealand Post retail outlets
  • By calling our Product Ordering Centre on 0800 501 701.

If your item is ready to send now, take it to your local PostShop, or a New Zealand Post retail outlet (excluding stamp resellers), or use one of our conveniently located New Zealand Post street posting boxes. Make sure the correct amount of required postage has been included.

How to send your letter or document

Addressing your item

Make sure your item gets to its international destination by having the address printed clearly, and the destination address completed entirely in English (if you wish, write the destination address in the language of the destination country elsewhere on the letter). Be sure to include all relevant information – suburb, town or city, state, country, postcode/zipcode – to ensure your item gets to the right place at the right time.

When will your letter or document get there?

Items sent by International Air have a target delivery time of 3-10 working days*.

This service includes four letter size options. And to make it even easier, you can buy handy International Air Postage Included Envelopes (for fast, efficient postage) and stamps online in bulk.

The International Economy Service for letters was withdrawn on 1 October 2011.

What can’t I send?

Many items are prohibited to send by post, and while they may at first appear harmless, under certain circumstances they can become dangerous.

Air pressure or temperature changes can affect goods and cause Prohibited items to leak, ignite or explode. If you send a Prohibited item, you’ll be liable for any damage or costs caused by the item. And remember, not all Prohibited items are obvious – cash, currency or bullion for instance is prohibited.

Many international destinations have extra restrictions on items. If you are unsure about any item, please contact our National Contact Centre, ask at your local New Zealand PostShop or selected New Zealand Post retail outlets (excluding stamp resellers), or check out our list of prohibited and restricted items.

Add a personal touch

Stamp a unique signature on your overseas mail with personalised stampsOpens in a new window. . Whether it’s a photo of the family, the new baby, or all the guys together, surprise family and friends abroad with a special touch. All you need is your favourite photo and a bit of creative flair.

Need extra assistance?

If you need any further help contact our National Contact Centre, visit your local PostShop or a selected New Zealand Post retail outlet (excluding stamp resellers).

*You can expect that items will usually arrive at their destination within the timeframe specified for each service. Because New Zealand Post does not directly control all parts of the delivery chain, we cannot guarantee that your item will always reach its destination within the target delivery times. Delivery to areas outside major cities, or where your item is dutiable or held in Customs, may take longer.