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United States

Parcel details

Weight: 1g
Dimensions: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm
Value: $30.00

Service (delivery target)Price (zero rated GST)Price (incl. GST)
International Express Courier (1-5 working days) - Tracked, Signature required $73.57$84.61
International Courier (2-6 working days) - Tracked, Signature required $48.20$55.43
International Air (3-10 working days) $13.45$15.47

Please note: This Rate Finder provides estimates only. The results are only as accurate as your estimation/measurement of the size, weight and value of your mail item. Please remember to include the packaging in these measurements. Final pricing will be confirmed at your local PostShop or a selected New Zealand Post retail outlet (excluding stamp resellers) or when you pay online to post, when your item has been weighed and measured at the International Mail Centre. Each time you pay online to post, you confirm that you have the appropriate authority to pay any resulting postage charges. Pay online to post postage has a unique identifier and may be used only once. Postage will become void if you alter it once printed.

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