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Pay for and send your YouShop parcel

Your parcel's arrival at the warehouse

You will be notified when your parcel has arrived at our warehouse, has been processed into the warehouse and is ready for payment. This notification can take up to 3 working days after your parcel arrives at our warehouse. This can be due to the time zone difference between New Zealand and the USA and UK warehouses and is dependent on daily warehouse volumes.

Processing includes: weighing and measuring your item, determining the contents and checking it is not damaged.

Claim your parcel

Some parcels can arrive at our warehouse with an incomplete address label, either with a missing name and/or YouShop ID. By entering the merchant's tracking number in our claim your parcel search, you can see if your parcel has arrived at the warehouse.

If your parcel is identified we'll ask you to provide information about the parcel, if needed, to claim it as yours. The parcel will then be displayed in your parcel list for you to pay the international postage.

Delivery address

You will be asked to supply a New Zealand delivery address. You can change this delivery address right up until you pay the international postage. Once you have paid the international postage you’ll be able to change your delivery details up until 6pm of the day that your parcel clears New Zealand Customs. You’ll be sent an email reminder on the day.

We deliver to

  • New Zealand addresses, including rural addresses and PO Boxes
  • ParcelPod addresses if you have signed up to this service
  • CourierPost depots for pickup.

Parcel value and description

If your parcel arrives at our warehouse without a merchant's invoice, we’ll ask you to provide us with the parcel's value. You will be prompted to do this when you sign in to pay for your parcel.

The parcel’s value must include the item’s purchase price and the cost of the postage you paid to get the parcel to your YouShop USA or Europe address.

You can also update the description of the contents of your parcel if you believe the warehouse has incorrectly entered it. This is the description that will be supplied to Customs when your parcel arrives in New Zealand.


Depending on the value of your parcel, we offer compensation for loss or damage. See our compensation information for details.


We have an automatic repacking service for inefficiently packed parcels that arrive at our warehouse. We will only repack your parcel if the money you will save on the international postage exceeds the repacking fee. Find out more about how we determine whether or not to repack a YouShop parcel.

21 day limit

We will hold your parcel for 21 days from the date of our first email telling you your parcel has arrived. If you have not paid the international postage by the end of this period, we may dispose of your parcel. We will send you two payment reminders before this happens.

Payment and dispatch from the warehouse

Once you have paid the postage for your parcel, the warehouse team will process your parcel for dispatch.

Your parcel will be shipped at the end of the next processing day.

The warehouse dispatches parcels at the end of the day on

  • Tuesday - Saturday (New Zealand time) for YouShop USA standard parcels
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for YouShop USA economy parcels
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for YouShop Europe parcels