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Top 5 tips for successful shopping using YouShop

We know it’s frustrating when you find the perfect item to purchase which doesn’t ship to New Zealand, so you use YouShop. But sometimes YouShopping throws up other little issues like your YouShop address being denied. So we have put together a quick top tips list to help you with your shopping!

  1. If your address has been ‘rejected’ by an offshore merchant, try removing the NZ# from your name. As long as you have your suite number listed in the address line later on, we will be able to identify your parcel!
  2. Don’t know where to shop? We’ve compiled a list of merchants that YouShoppers have shopped at before. Get some extra shopping inspiration.
  3. Don’t want to get stung with tax and duty surprises on your parcel? Check the What’s My Duty siteOpens in a new window. to see if you need to pay more here. (Note this may apply to parcels paid at the same time, consolidated parcels and individual parcels.)
  4. Consolidate your parcels and save on YouShop shipping! Consolidate 3 or more parcels and you will save on your overall postage… Keep in mind point 3 though!
  5. Earn Airpoints Dollars™! For every $40 you spend on YouShop shipping you can earn 1 Airpoints Dollar, no minimum spend required

If you have any other tips we should know about email us.