YouShop Customer Updates:

  • YouShop USA is no longer experiencing shipping delays
  • YouShop UK is currently experiencing processing and shipping delays of up to 3-5 days
  • Current international shipping times and surcharges: Find out more


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Shopping with your YouShop address

Before you shop, learn about what you can send with YouShop and what restrictions we have for parcel weight, size and value.

30kg actual weight

This is the maximum weight for a YouShop parcel.

Size limit

No one side of a YouShop parcel can be longer than 1.5m in length with a maximum size of 3m (length + girth).

Maximum value limit

NZD$2,000 is the maximum value for a parcel sent with YouShop USA.

NZD$1,400 is the maximum value for a parcel sent with YouShop Europe.

From 1 December 2019, Each item shipped with YouShop must be accompanied by a valid invoice or receipt. You will be prompted to upload one when you sign in to pay for your shipping.

If an invoice or receipt is not available, then evidence of purchase may be provided in the form of a bank or credit card statement screenshot with the goods and the amount paid highlighted. If no invoice or receipt is present, or if the invoice or receipt does not contain the information required, then in addition the bank or credit card statement, we will also require the following information from you:

  • Item description for each item – Brief description of the item/model number (e.g. Nike, Men’s canvas running shoes)
  • Quantity of each item
  • Name and address of the seller (person or retailer selling the good)
  • Currency of the transaction
  • Any additional charges paid other than the item value (e.g. handling and packaging fee)

A parcel's value must include the item's purchase price including any local taxes, insurance or any other costs charged by the retailer, and the cost of the postage you paid to get the parcel to the warehouse.

Parcels valued over NZD$1,000

These parcels will require a Client CodeOpens in a new window. and a Supplier CodeOpens in a new window. , both of which are issued by Customs. See the Customs websiteOpens in a new window. for details.

Dangerous or prohibited items

We have a list of prohibited items that you should consider before shopping.

International postage

The international postage for your YouShop parcel will be based on the chargeable weight of the parcel. The chargeable weight of your parcel will be based on the greater of its actual weight or volumetric weight (charged in 500g increments). Find out more.

Features of YouShop USA and Europe

Target delivery time (after payment received) 9-14 days 6-10 days 7-11 days
Price NZD$9.00 plus NZD$3.50 per 500g NZD$12.50 per parcel, plus NZD$4.75 per 500g NZD$12.50 per parcel, plus NZD$4.75 per 500g
Maximum parcel value NZD$2,000 NZD$2,000 NZD$1,400
Maximum weight 30kg 30kg
Maximum size 3m (length + girth) 3m (length + girth)