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Dangerous or prohibited items

The most common examples of items that can’t be sent using YouShop include:

  • Standalone lithium-ion batteries (see further country exclusions below)
  • alcoholic products or beverages
  • food or perishable items
  • perfume
  • nail polish
  • aftershave
  • ink cartridges
  • aerosols
  • batteries including powercore/powerports which also function as a powerbank
  • firearms - including antique and collectible firearms and parts
  • precious jewellery and antiques
  • counterfeit goods (China)
  • cigars and cigar cases (USA)
  • eCigars and eLiquid (USA)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones (USA)
  • Ni-Cad batteries (USA)
  • SkunkLock™ bike locks

Refer to the YouShop terms and conditions for more information.

Electronic items with lithium-ion batteries

Stand alone batteries cannot be sent via YouShop.

Some electronic items containing lithium-ion batteries can be sent through YouShop USA, but cannot be sent from the YouShop UK or YouShopChina

YouShop USA

A lithium-ion battery must not exceed 20 Wh/cell, or 100 Wh per battery/pack, see our FAQ for more information.

YouShop shipment of firearms and associated parts

All types of firearms (including antique and collectible), firearms parts, ammunition and accessories, including air guns, air rifles, BB guns and their accessories are prohibited to send through YouShop regardless of whether they are in working condition.

See our full list of prohibited firearm items.

If received at the YouShop USA, UK or China warehouse, these parcels will be marked as ‘Dangerous goods’ and you will be able to select whether to return it to the merchant or dispose of it, returns will be done at the customer’s cost. See our details on our returns process.

Specific items that can't be sent using YouShop China

in addition to the items which are listed as Prohibited Items in our terms and conditions, the following list of items cannot be sent using YouShop China.

  • Liquids (including cosmetics & ink pens)
  • Counterfeit or pirated goods or materials
  • Cigarette lighters in the shape of a pistol or revolver
  • Motors
  • Magnets
  • Wooden flooring
  • Items made from Chinese gold, silver or platinum
  • Powder substances or items (e.g. baby powder, protein powder).