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YouShop features

Your own YouShop addresses

Your addresses are unique to you and they are how we identify your shopping.

Take advantage of New Zealand Post's postage rates

Use our postage rates to get your shopping to New Zealand. YouShop USA now has two sending options to get your shopping home, you can use our standard or economy shipping.

Consolidate and ship more for less

YouShop is offering a consolidation service at our warehouses in the UK and USA, so you can send up to 10 parcels from the same warehouse in one box.

Get rewarded with Airpoints Dollars™

Earn Airpoints Dollars™ on your YouShop shipping. Simply enter your Airpoints™ number at the YouShop checkout or update your NZ Post profile with your Airpoints number to collect Airpoint Dollars through YouShop automatically. You can earn 1 Airpoints Dollar for every NZ$40 spent through YouShop, with no minimum spend required.

Spend less with multiple parcels

Pay for the first parcel at the current international rate and each subsequent parcel will get a NZD$6 discount if you pay for them at the same time. This discount is only available in China.

Repack parcels to reduce costs

We evaluate every parcel to see if we can make it smaller to reduce the cost of your postage. If your parcel is repacked, we’ll let you know the parcel’s original size, what we reduced it to and how much you saved.

Ship from Australia

Need help getting your purchases from Australia delivered? Let us know the merchant details and we will make contact to see if we can assist you to get your shopping home.

Track YouShop parcels

Your parcel is given a tracking number as it leaves our warehouse to be sent to New Zealand.  Monitor your parcel's progress via your YouShop account or on our Tracking tool.

Updates on YouShop parcels

Be kept informed of where your parcel is and its delivery progress from the minute you pay the international postage to New Zealand. This information can be found in your YouShop account. We'll also email you all the delivery details.