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  • Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, from November 16 we will be updating YouShop UK & USA Air Freight pricing, and temporarily suspending YouShop’s Sea Freight service from the USA. Read More.
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Additional YouShop fees

YouShop fees Fee details
Signature Required delivery No fee
High Value surcharge for all parcels moving through YouShop valued over NZD$250 $6 + GST per parcel
Return postage 50% of YouShop international postage cost for delivery to New Zealand
Repacking fee NZD$4.50 plus GST
Parcel disposal No fee
Tariff Classification Fee $46 incl. GST

High Value Surcharge for YouShop USA

For YouShop USA, if your parcel has a value of more than NZD$250 you will incur a High Value surcharge. The maximum value parcel that can be sent from YouShop USA is NZD$2,000.

High Value Surcharge for YouShop Europe

For YouShop Europe, if your parcel has a value of more than NZD$250 you will incur a High Value item surcharge. The maximum value that can be sent from YouShop Europe is NZD$1,400.

Tarff Classification Fee

All parcels valued between NZD$400 and $1000 require a tariff code for import purposes. NZ Post will conduct the classification of all goods valued at this amount and provide this information to border agencies.


We will evaluate your parcel to see if it can be repacked to reduce the amount of postage you need to pay to send it to New Zealand. If we repack your parcel a fee of NZD$4.50 plus GST applies.

We will only repack your parcel if the money you will save on the international postage exceeds the repacking fee. Items will not be removed from the manufacturer's packaging.

Find out more about how we determine whether or not to repack a YouShop parcel.

For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions, section 7.