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From 5 November 2018, the Customs clearance fee has increased from NZ$46 (incl. GST) to $63.25 (incl. GST).
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GST, Import Duty and Customs clearance fees

Depending on the value and type of items you purchase from overseas, import duty and GST may be payable when your shipment reaches New Zealand.

Information about these charges is on the New Zealand Customs websiteOpens in a new window. .

These charges are payable if the total duty and GST add up to $60 or more. Charges are waived if it is less than this, and your goods are sent to you directly.

Use the calculator on the What's My Duty? websiteOpens in a new window. to work out what the additional duty (if any) is likely to be.

The process for how to work out the GST charges.

Download the NZ Customs PDF of this processOpens in a new window. (PDF - 525KB)

Paying clearance fees

If your shipment is assessed by NZ Customs as being liable for duty and GST you will also need to pay additional fees for your item(s) to be cleared by Customs.

If this is the case, NZ Post will notify you via the email address you’ve used in your Youshop account.

NZ Post can organise the clearance of your shipment, and our fee for this is NZ$63.25 (incl. GST).

Clearances also attract an Import Entry Transaction Fee (IETF) of NZ$29.26 (incl. GST) along with a biosecurity levy of NZ$23.41 (incl. GST) which is collected by Customs on behalf of the Ministry for Primary Industries, meaning you will pay NZ$52.67 on top of the clearance fee, a total of NZ$115.92 plus any duty and GST.

Once you contact NZ Post and nominate us to act as your broker, we will be in touch with a full breakdown of all fees and charges including the duty and GST payable.

If you choose to use another clearance broker our clearance fee will not apply, but you will need to pay your nominated third party Customs broker's fees instead.

Paying my Customs charges

Should you choose to use NZ Post to arrange your Customs clearance, NZ Post will collect all fees and charges from you directly. This can be arranged via email - NZ Post will then clear your goods with Customs and arrange the prompt release of your parcels into our domestic delivery network.

Parcels worth more than NZ$1,000

All shipments, either commercial or private, with a value over NZ$1,000.00 require formal clearance through NZ Customs. You will need a NZ Customs Client Code and the Supplier Code of the sender of the goods. See more details on Customs Client Codes and formsOpens in a new window. .

If you can supply NZ Post with your Client Code when you initially contact us then the process will be expedited.

How the charges are calculated – example

The calculation starts with the price you paid or the value of goods in New Zealand dollars. Then add in any duty (if it applies), insurance costs, plus freight or postage costs. GST is payable on the total of this amount. Add the duty (if any) and the GST amounts together for the total.

Example (provided for guidance only, amounts may vary):

Cost of the goods: $500 (price) + $50 (10% duty) + $25 (insurance) + $25 (freight) = $600

GST: $600 (cost of goods) x 15% = $90

Payable: $50 (duty) + $90 (GST) = $140

Total to pay: $140.00 (duty & GST) + $52.67 (import entry fee) + $63.25 (clearance fees) = $255.92

You can always use the easy calculator at What's My Duty?Opens in a new window. to estimate your payment.