Movers Services

To help you plan for a stress-free move, New Zealand Post has some useful services and information for movers.

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Hold My Mail

We can hold your mail to give you peace of mind when you're away from home so you can get on with enjoying your holiday. To start now click the Start Now button below.

If you are a registered Mover Services user and want to change your existing Hold request click here.If you created a Hold request prior to registering search for your Hold request.

Redirect My Mail

Make sure that when you move or change postal address your mail follows you. Available almost anywhere in New Zealand as well as overseas - and on a permanent or temporary basis. Find out how much the service costs or to start now click the "Start Now" button below.

Did you redirect your mail at a PostShop? Extend, amend or cancel your PostShop Redirection online.


Save time and effort and tell organisations about your updated personal information including change of address, it's free and easy to use.

More information is available here.