YouShop for Westpac customers

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Get stuff from the USA, China, UK and Europe you couldn't get before
Sign up to YouShop now, use the promo code 'westpac15' as many times as you like before 31 July 2015 and as a valued Westpac customer, you'll get a 10% discount on the international postage to NZ.

What is YouShop?

YouShop gives you delivery addresses on the ground in the UK (for shopping across Europe), USA and China so you can get access to brands and variety that you couldn't get before. You enter your YouShop address at the merchant's checkout - the online merchant gets your items to that address and we get them to your door in New Zealand.

Watch how YouShop works

Watch how YouShop works.

See how to use your YouShop addresses, from shopping online through to your parcel's delivery.

How YouShop works

  1. Shop

    Shop at online stores in the USA, China, UK and Europe.

    Enter your YouShop address at checkout and they will send your parcel there.

  2. Pay and send

    Pay your international postage and we send your parcel to New Zealand.

  3. Delivery

    Track your parcel's delivery to your New Zealand address.