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What does the trial involve?

We are doing a trial of consolidation for our UK/Europe warehouse and we’re looking for participants to try out this service and provide feedback ahead of a full market release. You’ll need to shop online in the UK/Europe and then consolidate your parcels at our UK warehouse.

We may limit the number of trialists if we get too many people, so it will be first in, first served.

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How to consolidate parcels

  1. Shop at online stores in the UK and Europe.
  2. Enter your YouShop UK/Europe address at checkout and the merchant will send your parcel to our UK warehouse
  3. When your parcels arrive at our UK warehouse you can choose which parcels you’d like to consolidate.
    You can send up to 10 separate parcels in the same box.
  4. Pay your international postage and we will send your parcel to New Zealand.
  5. Give us feedback on your experience with consolidation.

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Consolidation pricing

Pricing for consolidated parcels is different to the international postage for an individual parcel. The international postage for consolidated parcels is NZD$25.00 per parcel plus $4.75 per 500g increment, and then $3.00 per parcel if more than 5 parcels are consolidated.

Each consolidated parcel can contain a maximum of 10 parcels.

Multi parcel discount is not available for parcels at the YouShop UK warehouse if you take part in this trial.

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What is YouShop consolidation and how does it work?

Parcel consolidation is the process of combining multiple parcels from multiple merchants into a single parcel to New Zealand. It works by you selecting which parcels you want to put together into a single item to forward to New Zealand. Once confirmed and payment is made, the relevant warehouse is advised and the physical consolidation of your parcels takes place.

Are there weight or size restrictions for consolidated YouShop parcels?

Yes, the total weight of a consolidated parcel can not exceed 30kgs and the total size cannot have any dimensions larger than 50cms.

How do I know consolidating YouShop parcels will save me money?

When you sign into YouShop and select which parcels you would like consolidated, YouShop will provide an instant quote showing the total cost and saving on the international postage by consolidating, compared to sending the parcels individually. It will also show you if consolidating will not save you money (e.g. when you are only consolidating two parcels together).

The savings are calculated off the costs of international postage compared to shipping the items individually (excluding any historic multi-parcel discounts).

Consolidation will save you money on international postage if you are consolidating 3 parcels or more.

When will consolidating YouShop parcels not save me money?

Consolidating 2 parcels will not save you money. Consolidating 3 parcels or more will save you money on the international postage that you would otherwise have paid to send those parcels separately. The YouShop checkout process will provide a real time quote on your savings when selecting consolidation. The savings calculated will depend on the type and number of parcels you are consolidating. Repacking costs will also adjust the savings. Consolidation savings generally increase with the number of individual parcels being consolidated.

If the combined value of the consolidated parcel and postage exceeds the GST and Customs Duty limits then Customs entry charges will apply. More information on these charges can be found on the New Zealand Customs Duty Estimator websiteOpens in a new window. .

Will my YouShop parcels be repacked before they are consolidated?

Yes. If your parcel qualifies for or requires repacking, this happens prior to consolidation. The fees for repacking will be shown on the payment page.

Can I return or split my YouShop parcel after it has been consolidated?

No. Once you have decided to consolidate a parcel and paid the delivery costs, your parcel can not be returned or split into individual parcels again.

How does consolidation affect the multi parcel discount?

Multi parcel discount is not available for parcels at the YouShop UK warehouse while you participate in this trial.  Multi parcel discount is available for parcels at our YouShop China and USA warehouses.