Prepaid & gift cards

Prepaid cards and gift cards for you to purchase at your local PostShop with selected cards available online.

  • Prezzy card

    Prezzy card

    Prezzy card is the perfect gift because the person you give it to can choose from 36 million Visa outlets around the world, including selected online merchants.
  • Loaded Everyday card

    Loaded Everyday card

    Get a reloadable prepaid Visa card to use for purchases online, in-store or to get cash from ATMs. It’s the convenience of a credit card with the control of a prepaid card.
  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards

    Get the perfect gift every time - choose from a range of retail brand Gift Cards at your local PostShop.
  • Mobile top up

    Mobile top up

    Find out how to top up your Vodafone, Telecom or 2degrees mobile phone at your local PostShop.

Loaded cards are issued by Kiwibank Limited. Download Kiwibank's Disclosure StatementOpens in a new window. or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.