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YouShop pricing

Work out the cost of international postage for your YouShop parcel and how volumetric weight is calculated.

International postage

International postage is calculated as NZD$12.50 per parcel, plus NZD$4.75 per 500g. The minimum chargeable weight is 500g and is charged in 500g increments thereafter.

International postage excludes any GST, duty and customs clearance costs that may be payable on arrival in New Zealand.

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Weight of your YouShop parcel

The chargeable weight of your parcel will be based on the greater of its actual weight or volumetric weight.

For a parcel with a chargeable weight of 500g the international postage charge would be NZD$12.50 + NZD$4.75 = NZD$17.25.

If you were sending something weighing 800g the price would be NZD$12.50 + NZD$9.50 = NZD$22.00.

How to calculate volumetric weight

Volumetric weight (kg) = [length(cm) x breadth(cm) x height(cm)]/5,000cm

A parcel with dimensions 30cm x 15cm x 10cm has the volumetric weight of 900g (30 x 15 x 10 / 5000).

YouShop international postage calculator

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