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  • Domestic parcels

    Postage included bags and tickets for sending parcels within New Zealand.
    Eligible for ParcelRewards
  • International parcels

    Bags, boxes, stickers, custom declarations and notes for sending parcels overseas.
    Eligible for ParcelRewards
  • Prezzy card & gifts

    Prezzy® cards, commemorative coins and stamps for you to purchase online.
  • Packaging

    Boxes, bags and bubble wrap to be used for sending overseas and within New Zealand.
    Eligible for ParcelRewards
  • Postage stamps

    Postage stamps in definitive and non-denominated (KiwiStamp) to send your items within New Zealand and internationally.
  • Envelopes

    Envelopes for sending your letters, documents and parcels within New Zealand or internationally.
  • Directories & guides

    New Zealand Post directories and guides for postcodes and information on international services when paying by stamps, or franking machine.
  • Personalised mail

    Add a personal touch for yourself, someone else or your business by personalising stamps, greeting cards and postcards.