At NZ Post we are committed to delivering your parcels in the most sustainable way.

That’s why we’ve made a number of decisions towards a sustainable future that we are really proud of – like our commitment to be carbon neutral from 2030.

We’re well on our way to achieving this, with one of the largest Electric Vehicle (EV) fleets in the country, rapidly reducing energy usage in our buildings, and a focus on sustainable packaging.

But we can’t get there on our own. We need to work together with our people, our suppliers, partners, customers and all Kiwis.

Our new Community Initiative

This year, we are launching our new community initiative to provide selected organisations who are working on initiatives with improved connection, belonging and inclusion and free NZ Post courier pick up and delivery.

We are piloting the programme in early 2021, and have up to 14,000 free courier pick up and deliveries to give away between March – June 2021.

Applications were open between Friday 22 January and Sunday 31st January.

Read more about our initiative

Moving our delivery vehicles to EVs

We have been working for some time to transition our delivery network to EVs. Currently 50% of our owned vehicles are EVs, with the ambition to have 100% by 2025.

We’re also working with our delivery partners, to help encourage them to move to EVs sooner. Currently we have 5 electric vans that are being moved around NZ so that our franchisee partners can try one for themselves and see the benefits!

Increasing our focus on sustainable packaging

We know how important having less plastic in our environment is to New Zealanders and this matters to us too.

To us, sustainability means being accountable for our impact as a business locally, and globally. It’s knowing our choices and actions matter today and in the future – and doing something about it. We have signed the NZ Packaging Declaration and are committed to using 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025 or earlier.

We’ve already started making progress in this area – to give you more freedom to choose eco-friendly options.

Gen Less

Gen Less is a movement, about a new generation of people who are opting in to a climate-positive lifestyle. Defined by the way we choose to live, not our age. A generation who choose less harmful forms of energy.

New Zealand Post is part of Gen Less because we believe together, we can deliver a more sustainable New Zealand.

Because if we’re going to stop climate change, we need to do it together.

Moving our delivery vehicles to EVs, reducing the energy we use in our buildings and increasing our focus on sustainable packaging are just a few ways we’ll be using less energy, and committing as a Gen Less business.

Reducing the energy from our buildings

Another initiative we have been working on is reducing power consumption from our buildings by moving to smarter technologies. Over the past four years we have seen a reduction of 14% in energy required by our sites.

This has been achieved by improving lights (replacing old lights with new high-efficiency LED lights, ensuring lighting controls work properly) and by making adjustments to our heating/cooling systems at our largest sites.

The energy saved (3,954,346 kWh) is equivalent to taking 340 average-sized cars off the road.

Our Strategy

We’re aiming to be a leading sustainable New Zealand business by focusing on areas where we can make a difference.
Download our Sustainability Framework (PDF - 97KB)

People - Creating a positive social impact

Supporting our community

We’re proud to support the communities where we live and work through a range of community initiatives and partnerships.

Growing social enterprise

We’re backing our clever friends at the Akina Foundation to help grow the next generation of social enterprise in New Zealand.


All our people get one day’s paid volunteering leave.

Planet - Decarbonising our business


We aim to be carbon neutral from 2030. To achieve this goal will require significant reductions and a decarbonisation fund has been established to invest in reducing or avoiding carbon in our operations.

Electric vehicles powering deliveries

We have rolled out a fleet of electric specialist delivery vehicles (the Paxster) and now have the largest EV fleet in the country. We are in the process of trialling Electric Vans in our courier fleet. We are also sharing lessons learned from installing a growing network of EV chargers on our properties.

Let’s Sort It

All our people play a role to reduce energy use and waste production in the workplace. Let’s Sort It is an internal behaviour change campaign to ensure we all have the tools and information we need to do the right thing.

Prosperity - Long term inclusive growth

Sustainable packaging

We work hard to minimise the impact of our packaging products on the planet and to make it easy for our customers to do their bit.

Working with our partners

It’s vital our partners share our commitment to sustainability. We work together with suppliers, customers and other partners for improved sustainable outcomes.

Measuring the value we create

We measure and report the value the business creates across financial and non-financial measures using the Integrated Reporting Framework.

Measuring up

We share our work, goals and results and we seek independent verification that what we’re doing is making a difference.

In 2017 we were proud to receive the Supreme Award at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards for the Greatest Contribution to a Sustainable New Zealand. In 2019 we received the EV World “Fleet of the year 2019” award, for our work towards electrifying our delivery network.

Want to know more about sustainability at New Zealand Post?

Check out a summary of our actions here (PDF - 2.5MB), get in touch with our Sustainability Team, or for sustainability or general business information check out our Media Centre.

Want to know more about sustainability at New Zealand Post?

Check out a summary of our actions here (PDF - 2.5MB), get in touch with our Sustainability Team, or for sustainability or general business information check out our Media Centre.