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Check the status of your parcel using our online tracking tool.


Latest delivery updates

Within New Zealand

Minor delays*

Minor delays countrywide.



Sending overseas

No delays*

There are currently no significant delays.




Receiving from overseas

No delays*

There are currently no significant delays.




* Additional working days delay on top of our normal delivery targets.
¹ Additional delays may occur for parcels being sent overseas at the final delivery stage within the destination country.
² For the final delivery stage, please refer to delays Within New Zealand. 

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Parcel enquiry

Request help if your parcel is delayed, it shows as delivered but you haven't received it, or it was received damaged or with contents missing.

Mail enquiry

Enquire about mail redirectionholding your mail, or any issues with mail delivery, including Rural Delivery & updating postal details.

You Shop

Send a question about the You Shop service or request help with your parcel sent via our international warehouse.

Online shop order

Enquire about your NZ Post online shop order or about buying prepaid postage, packaging & stamps.

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