Sending a Domestic parcel by courier

If you need something to arrive at its New Zealand destination urgently and with certainty, no one is more trusted to get it there on time than CourierPost. Use our handy Rate Finder to select the best product and take a look at these tips to make sure it gets there efficiently.

How to get it:

Buying CourierPost tickets is easy and convenient. You can purchase them:

If your parcel is ready to send now, take it to your local PostShop or, if you are a registered customer you can book a pick up online.

How to send your parcel by courier:

Addressing your parcel

Make sure your parcel gets where it's going by having the right address printed clearly and boldly! Place the address and sender's address on two sides of your parcel. The addressee's details should be more prominent than the sender's.

Be sure to also include the correct Postcode – just use our handy Postcode finder – to ensure your parcel gets to the right place at the right time. Parcels also need to be wrapped and packaged properly – particularly if the item you are sending is fragile. Check out our packaging tips to help ensure your item has a safe journey.

What can’t I send?

Many items are prohibited to send by post, and while they may at first appear harmless, under certain circumstances they can become dangerous. Air pressure or temperature changes can affect goods and cause prohibited items to leak, ignite or explode. If you send a prohibited item, you'll be liable for any damage or costs caused by the item. And remember, not all prohibited items are obvious – cash, currency or bullion for instance is prohibited. If you are unsure about any item, please contact our National Contact Centre, ask at any New Zealand PostShop, or check out our full list of prohibited and restricted items.

When will it get there?

Depending on your needs, target delivery times will vary. You can opt for same day, overnight or economy (2-3 working days) deliveries depending on when you need to get your parcel there. Choose from products requiring a signature at the destination, which provides extra peace of mind for very important items or documents, or non-signature products. You can also track your package online using our real-time Tracking technology. Saturday deliveries are available at most destinations for a small additional charge.

Insurance cover:

While CourierPost makes every effort to ensure your item arrives on time and in good condition, unfortunately things can go wrong. CourierPost provides compensation for loss or damage up to $1,500 (including GST) per item and are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Need extra assistance?

If you need any further help – or if you want to purchase products over the phone – feel free to call the helpful CourierPost service staff on 0800 COURIER (0800 268 743).