Print postage online

Sending parcels within New Zealand or overseas? You can print your postage at a time that suits you. Save yourself time by paying for and printing your postage at home, or work.

Where is your parcel going?


Please note that additional documentation may be required for international parcels over 2kg and/or valued at $250 and over; and for commercial transactions.

You will need

To use this service for sending parcels you'll need:

  • A credit card or debit card to pay for your postage online.
  • Adobe Reader - the label is generated as a PDF document. Download Adobe Reader
  • Access to a printer to print out the postage label.

To send parcels internationally, you'll also need

  • A clear pouch to hold two copies of the postage label on your item (not required if you are sending an International Air parcel under 2kg and under $250). These clear pouches can be purchased online.
  • A fully completed and accurate postage label attached to your international parcel, as this is the official declaration for your parcel’s overseas destination and its contents. The postage label is your customs declaration or consignment note.
  • Depending on the type and value of your item, an Export Invoice and/or Export Entry form may be required.
  • Please note that additional compensation cover is not available for NZ Post Account customers using Print Postage Online.