Sending within New Zealand

We provide different postal options to ensure that your item gets where it's going quickly and securely.

What are you sending?


A parcel is any item that is too large to be sent as a letter.

Maximum size for Parcels

Length: 1.5 m
Weight: 25 kg
Volume: 0.125 m³

Note: Volume is calculated by height (m) × length (m) × thickness (m).

View your sending options for oversized items.


A letter includes postcards or small items that can fit into an envelope.

Maximum dimensions for Letters

Weight: 1 kg
Thickness: 20 mm
Height: 260 mm
Length: 385 mm

Across town boundaries

Find out what area of your town or city is within the Across town boundary.

If the addresses you are sending from/to are not within the same Across town boundary, Within island or Nationwide rates apply.

Different systems are used in-store to calculate rates and occasionally may produce a different price than our Rate Finder.

Across town boundaries when using our Rate Finder/buying print postage online

Across town boundaries when using prepaid zonal tickets