Sending your letters by Post.

Letter size Maximum dimensions
height × length × thickness
Maximum weight Standard Post
(required postage*)
*The required postage is the value of postage required for New Zealand Post to carry the item and is GST inclusive.
(eg. E9, DLE, cheque mailer)
130mm × 235mm × 6mm 500g $1.30 (or 1 × KiwiStamp)
(eg. C5)
165mm × 235mm × 10mm 500g $2.60 (or 2 × KiwiStamps)
(eg. E35, A4)
260mm × 385mm × 20mm 1kg $3.90 (or 3 × KiwiStamps)

How to send your letter

Buy postage

Buying stamps and envelopes to send your letter is easy and convenient. You can purchase them:

If your letter is ready to send now, take it to your local PostShop, or use one of our conveniently located New Zealand Post street posting boxes (mail boxes).

Addressing your letter

Make sure your letter gets where it’s going by having the right address printed clearly! Be sure to also include the correct Post Code – just use our handy Post Code finder to ensure your letter gets to the right place at the right time.

Add a personal touch

Stamp a unique signature on your mail with Personalised StampsOpens in a new window. . Whether it’s a photo of the family, the new baby, or all the guys together, surprise family and friends with a special touch to their mail. All you need is your favourite photo and a bit of creative flair. Get in quick – a sheet of 50 stamps starts from as little as $70.00.

Courier options

You can also courier your item.

Important information on our Standard Post service

  • The required postage is the value of postage required for an item to be carried by New Zealand Post and is GST inclusive.
  • Standard Post delivery target is up to 3 working days nationwide delivery.
  • Delivery to and from rural or remote areas may take longer. Delivery targets are a guide only and we do not guarantee your item will reach its destination within the delivery target.
  • For Terms and Conditions refer to the New Zealand Post Public Contract and Postal Users' Guide.