Sending your letters by Post.

Letter size Maximum dimensions
height × length × thickness
Maximum weight Standard Post
(required postage*)
(required postage*)
*The required postage is the value of postage required for New Zealand Post to carry the item and is GST inclusive.
(eg. E9, DLE, cheque mailer)
130 mm × 235 mm × 6 mm 500 g $1.00 (or 1 × KiwiStamp) $2.30 (or 2 x KiwiStamp + $0.30)
(eg. C5)
165 mm × 235 mm × 10 mm 500 g $2.00 (or 2 × KiwiStamps) $3.30 (or 3 x KiwiStamps + $0.30)
(eg. E35, A4)
260 mm × 385 mm × 20 mm 1 kg $3.00 (or 3 × KiwiStamps) $4.30 (or 4 x KiwiStamps + $0.30)

Courier options

You can also courier your item.

Important information on these services

Standard Post and FastPost

  • The required postage is the value of postage required for an item to be carried by New Zealand Post and is GST inclusive.
  • Standard Post delivery target is up to 3 working days nationwide delivery.
  • FastPost delivery target next working day nationwide, between major towns and cities. To avoid delays in delivery, please make sure you check the FastPost sending requirements
  • Delivery to and from rural or remote areas may take longer. Delivery targets are a guide only and we do not guarantee your item will reach its destination within the delivery target.
  • For Terms and Conditions refer to the New Zealand Post Public Contract and Postal Users' Guide.