Sending internationally

Use this tool to help you find the best option for sending a parcel internationally.

How much does your parcel weigh? *
What are the dimensions of your
parcel or tube? *
Select either 'Parcel' or 'Tube' then enter your parcel height, length and width in any order, or your tube length and diameter.

If you select 'Parcel' enter your parcel dimensions below.


If you select 'Tube' enter your tube length and diameter below.


Measuring tip

Try using a standard pen.
Eg. A CD is 1 pen long by 1 pen wide.

A pen is approximately 14cm/140mm long

Please note: This Rate Finder provides required postage* estimates only. The results are only as accurate as your estimation/measurement of the size, weight and value of your mail item. Please remember to include the packaging in these measurements. Final required postage will be confirmed at your local PostShop or selected New Zealand Post retail outlets (excluding stamp resellers) or for New Zealand Post account customers, when your mail is lodged for sending.

*Required postage is the amount that must be included on an envelope or parcel (e.g. in the form of stamps or similar) in order for New Zealand Post to carry that envelope or parcel across our network. The actual price paid for postage may vary in-store. Delivery targets stated are in working days.