International delivery updates

Latest update: Delivery delays

There are currently some delays with international deliveries.

The spread of COVID-19 globally has led to reduced airfreight capacity and more recently, stricter lockdown restrictions within certain countries, causing delays to parcels coming in and out of New Zealand. We expect delays to continue for some time.

Please see more detail for impacted countries below. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for your patience.

Delays in receiving parcels from overseas

There are still international delivery delays with parcels arriving in to NZ from overseas via both air and sea. We are working to have the majority of parcels, once received in to NZ Post, delivered within 7 working days.

Some postal shipments from overseas are sent via seafreight. There are currently significant disruptions and congestion to seafreight services worldwide due to continued high volumes resulting in capacity constraints on vessels. This is in turn resulting in further delays to arrivals into NZ. Our YouShop service is now taking between 80-120 days. This is expected to continue for some time.

Inbound Backlogs

Please be advised that currently all inbound items are subject to delay for final delivery due to backlogs of 4-5 days at our processing facility. We are working closely with the border agencies to clear the backlog as fast as possible. 

What you can do to help

If you’re waiting on a parcel from overseas, please note that it needs to arrive in NZ, clear NZ customs and then it will be passed to NZ Post for delivery.

Please only contact us if our Tracking tool shows it’s been more than 7 working days since your item was received by NZ Post and has not been delivered to you. 


Delays in sending parcels from NZ overseas

There are currently delays of up to 3 working days with getting parcels from NZ on to international flights due to limited cargo capacity. We are doing everything we can to get all parcels destined for overseas on their way as quickly as possible.

Please only contact us if our Tracking tool shows your parcel is not in transit and it’s been more than 5 days since you sent your parcel.

There are currently significant international processing and delivery delays to items that have been sent to some European destinations and Canada.  Please refer below to country information for more details.

If you need to send something urgently overseas especially to the UK, a European destination or Canada, we recommend you use our International Express Courier services at this time.

Countries impacted

Download Receiving International Mail and Parcels (PDF - 130KB)


Specific delays in sending parcels overseas

With the increase of COVID lockdown restrictions in the UK, some European countries announced flight bans creating backlogs. As a result, there are currently significant processing and delivery delays to items destined for some European countries. NZ Post is working with our UK partners to try and clear the backlog of items as quickly as possible, but this is largely dependent on our partners and out of NZ Post’s direct control. Further delays can also be expected at the destination due to local COVID-19 restrictions. 

Flights from the UK are for now, currently not allowed to enter, Estonia, and Ukraine.  Parcels from NZ destined for those European countries normally travel through the UK.

We will continue to update this page as we have more information.

Start date: 21 December
Updated: 15 January

The delays experienced mid December have now reduced, however there are still occasional delays when transporting items to the UK via transit countries. 

Start date: 14 December
Updated: 15 January 

Canada Post is currently experiencing significant backlogs at their Vancouver and Toronto processing facilities of up to 10 days. As a result, please expect delays in the processing and last mile delivery of items dispatched to Canada.

Start date: 17th August
Updated: 15 January

Due to the spread of COVID-19 there has been a significant drop in available capacity to send globally. NZ Post has to use sea freight to ship International Air and International Courier items from New Zealand to some destinations in Zone B (South Pacific Islands) at the moment. Please see below table for the destination list and the delivery targets.

Please also note that for all sea freight shipments going to the South Pacific Islands, we are expecting up to an additional 5 working days delay for import clearance.

Start date: 1 November
End date: TBC


International Air Services 

International Courier

International Courier Exemption International Express Courier
Weeks Working days

French Polynesia

3-5 N/A 3-5 9-20




3-5 9-20




N/A 9-20

New Caledonia

3-5 3-5 N/A 12-15

Papua New Guinea

3-5 N/A N/A 5-8

Solomon Islands

3-5 N/A 3-5 9-20


3-5 N/A N/A 9-20


3-5 3-5 N/A 9-20

Wallis And Futuna

3-5 N/A N/A 9-11

Please note the extended delivery targets also take the delays caused by port congestion and vessel delays. 

Please also be informed that as required by the government of Samoa, all shipments imported into Samoa are subject to 7-day quarantine, please also expect a delay for the items. 

We strongly advise you to send your parcels early as possible and for urgent items please send on with International Express Courier service.


There are currently no disruptions to our GoCourier service.

Returns from NZ receivers

Due to the latest COVID-19 developments in NZ, we are experiencing added disruptions sending items for return internationally from NZ. Some of our retail shops are closed due to alert level restrictions and our returns processing centre is operating with reduced staff to keep them safe. As a result, our off-shore customers may experience delays in receiving their returns.

Temporary changes to our international sending services

To help us continue to deliver your items internationally, some of our normal sending services have temporarily changed:

  • Signature upon delivery for some services, like International Courier, may not be provided by some countries.
  • International Courier will be prioritised over International Airmail services.
  • International Express courier is the best service to use for urgent parcels, but delays may still occur.

We’ve also had to introduce International Surcharges in addition to standard rates.

Update on delivery targets due to COVID-19 impacts

We have seen widespread delays across our global delivery network due to the impact of COVID-19. We have reviewed the delivery timeframes of our sending services to give you better visibility on how long your items will take to be delivered overseas.

The table below shows the standard delivery targets, and current delivery targets, based on reduced airfreight frequency and processing performance of our offshore delivery partners. We will update these delivery timeframes on a fortnightly basis.

International Services

International Air Services[i]

International Courier


International Express Courier


Unit: working days

Zone A

Standard delivery target

3 - 6

2 - 3

Express: 2 - 4
Standard: 3 - 8

1 - 3

Current delivery target

6 - 12

3 - 10

Express: 2 - 5
Standard: 3 - 8

2 - 4
Perth: 3 - 5

South Pacific
Zone B

Standard delivery target

6 - 10

4 - 6


2 - 5

Current delivery target

8 - 14

6 - 12

4 - 10

Zone C

Standard delivery target

6 - 10

4 - 6


2 - 4

Current delivery target

6 - 14

4 - 10

3 - 9

United Kingdom and Europe
Zone D

Standard delivery target

6 - 10

5 - 6

GoUK: 6 - 8

2 - 4

Current delivery target

6 - 18

6 - 12

GoUK: 5 - 10

3 - 9

United States of America and Canada

Standard delivery target

6 - 10

4 - 6


2 - 4

Current delivery target

6 - 14

5 - 10

3 - 9

Rest of the world
Zone E

Standard delivery target

6 - 10

5 - 6


2 - 5

Current delivery target

10 - 18

8 - 15


[i] International Air services include International Air Small Parcels, International Air Parcels, International Air Satchel, International Air Satchel Tracked, International Air Letters, International Letter Registered.

[ii] GoCourier is our tracked courier services sending to Australia (GoAustralia) and United Kingdom (GoUK), they are available to customers having NZ Post business accounts.

Countries impacted

Download Sending Internationally (PDF - 125KB)

What we’re doing to help with delays

We’re making every effort to continue to actively deliver parcels, however due to the changing nature of airline capacity and delivery services within countries, delivery estimates should only be used as guide only. We’re working closely with our partner airlines and other postal operators worldwide to move items as quickly as possible.

Network Disruptions

Start: 11 March 2020
Ends: Until further notice

International Express Courier cannot accept any shipments to Iran.

Start: 31 January 2020
Ends: Ongoing

No service to Somalia effective from 31 January 2020.

Start: 31 January 2020
Ends: Ongoing

No service to Syria effective from 31 January 2020.

Start: 2014
Ends: Ongoing

Due to the ongoing political situation in Ukraine, all mail items addressed to the Crimea region are currently not able to be delivered. The post codes affected are 95000-99999

Start: 2015
Ends: Ongoing

Due to the ongoing political situation in Yemen, mail dispatches into and out of the country have been suspended.

Additional international sending restrictions

By country, service and/or item

For further information on international sending restrictions, please visit the Prohibited and Restricted Items page.

When sending to Brazil, India, or Jordan, please provide the receiver’s tax ID number or national ID number for your shipments. Please note this information is mandatory for International Express Courier service. Without it your items will be rejected as we cannot process them. Please put this information on the consignment notes.

Please obtain this information from the receiver before sending. For personal shipments, this information may be the national ID number or individual tax ID number for local citizens, or passport number for other residents. For commercial shipments, this information may be the corporate tax ID number.

International Express Courier service does not accept electronic goods/electric goods from private individuals shipping to Ghana. All shipments to Ghana using international express courier will incur 100% security inspection regardless of content.

Effective immediately, NZ Post retail outlets can again start to accept parcels of Honey or Bee products being sent overseas, but ONLY if they meet the following criteria outlined here;

  • The sender of the Honey or Bee products must be a registered exporter, or the product is being shipped on behalf of a registered exporter.  
  • The exporter must have labelled the parcel with the exporter ID, exporter address, and either product ID and batch number, or transfer document number. 
  • Honey or Bee product must be addressed to a private individual (not a company).
  • The maximum weight limit of any shipment including honey or bee products is 2kg (this is inclusive of the packaging and any other items in the package).
  • Note: Consumers are unable to send honey as a gift overseas unless they are a registered exporter. The sender of the Honey or Bee products must be a registered exporter, or the product is being shipped on behalf of a registered exporter.

These regulations are set by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) not New Zealand Post.

Sending Infant Formula or Milk Powder Overseas

NZ Post can accept dairy products and infant formula for sending internationally but ONLY if the sender meets the following criteria outlined here:

To send infant formula or milk powder overseas you must:

  • register as an animal products exporter under the Animal Products Act 1999 or use the services of an exporter who is already registered
  • meet the requirements outlined in the Export Requirements for Infant Formula Products and Formulated Supplementary Foods for Young Children
  • meet any overseas market access requirements (OMARs) which apply, and
  • secure certification if official assurance is required for the destination market.

Note: Under New Zealand law only registered exporters can export dairy products, including milk powder and infant formula. This includes online sales to overseas consumers or businesses. New Zealand infant formula is highly regarded in our export markets. The high quality and safety of our infant formula are a key reason for this. The regulations are set by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) not NZ Post.


Due to international security requirements, we are not accepting printer toner cartridges sent to any international destination.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phones prohibited on all International Services

All Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones will not be permitted to be sent by any international service to any international destinations.

This includes all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, including newly manufactured ones from the factory and old Samsung Note7 devices recalled from customers and retailers and distributors.

Start: 12 April 2021
Ends: Ongoing

International Express will not accept or carry VIVO electronic devices anywhere in the network until further notice.

Requirements for sending Passports to India using International Express Courier:

  • Shipments must be addressed to an Embassy/Consulate/Regulatory body.
  • Shipments must travel as a “Document” with an official letter to accompany it.
  • Value of the goods must be the stated as the replacement value of the passport.

Precious metal and stones to India via International Express Courier:

Start: 2016
Ends: Ongoing

  • Items made of (or mostly consisting of) precious metals and gemstones may not be sent to India with International Express Courier.
  • This applies to items made of gold, silver, rhodium, platinum, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal and amethyst. It also applies to other precious metals and gemstones.
  • If a shipment contains fake precious metals or gemstones (e.g. imitation gold jewellery), this should be clearly specified on the airway bill and invoice. It will then be sent for testing and valuation before it can be customs-cleared and forwarded to the end receiver.
  • Shipping precious metals and gemstones from India is acceptable. Here the only limitation is the import regulations of the destination country.

Start: 2016
Ends: Ongoing

Requirements for sending parcels to Russia using International Express Courier:

  • Parcels (gifts, merchandise or samples) sent to Russia using International Express Courier must be addressed from a business in New Zealand and addressed to a business in Russia.
  • Documents (including passports and National ID cards) sent to Russia using International Express Courier may be addressed from, and/or to an individual party.

International Express Courier delivery service in Tajikistan has been suspended until further notice.

Start: 2 October 2017
Ends: Ongoing

Update to prohibited and restricted commodities

The importation of the following items into Thailand requires permits or licenses from consignee regardless of quantities:

  • Cosmetics
  • Foodstuffs
  • Medicines

The following items are prohibited and will be destroyed by Thai Authorities:

  • E-cigarettes
  • Personal massagers
  • TV streaming boxes (e.g. Chromecast, Apple TV etc)

International Express Courier delivery service in Venezuela has been suspended until further notice.