07 DECEMBER 2018

Kiwis’ love of online shopping breaks NZ Post records (and it’s not even Christmas yet)

Fueled by the huge sales of Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a record number of parcels are now coming through NZ Post’s network.

NZ Post Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart says the deliveries from online shopping are 30% higher compared to the same time last year (October 22 to December 4).

“We know how much Kiwis love shopping online, and each year the numbers of parcels coming through our network grows, but this year is surpassing all previous records so far.

“To deal with the expected increase in volume at this time of year we’ve put on 600 more people, and have increased both our road and air network capacity."

The next couple of weeks are likely to be even busier, he says.

“This is just the way we like it. We’ve been planning for this all year, and we’re ready to be out there delivering Christmas for New Zealanders right through to Christmas Eve.

“Last year we processed and delivered 2 million additional parcels in November and December. This year we’re expecting all records to be broken.”

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