Address Accuracy Percentage Assessment

To assist in achieving the best possible price and to be eligible for Bulk Mail rates, NZ Post provides an online assessment of your lodgement. This gives you the chance to correct any errors before submitting your lodgement for processing.

The AAP assessment process is an electronic tool that shows the percentage of correct addresses in your address mailing list per lodgement or database that are valid matches against the NZ Post Postal Address File (PAF). The PAF is NZ Post’s definitive file of New Zealand postal addresses within our delivery network. It includes around 1.8 million delivery addresses and is an electronic file of data which can be licensed directly from NZ Post. Having an 80% accuracy rate for your customer addresses means NZ Post can deliver your mail efficiently and accurately. It also helps in reducing costs to your business by minimising returned mail.

What addresses can be excluded?

The following address types can be excluded from your Address Accuracy Percentage (AAP) calculations:

  • Community Boxes
  • Poste Restante
  • International
  • Counter Delivery
  • Private Bags with no number
  • Addresses maintained by other postal operators, for example DX, Mail Boxes etc.