Cleansing addresses

Making sure your customer address database or mailing list contains valid NZ Post addresses has multiple benefits to your business.


Quality addressing not only reduces returned mail and helps with data quality issues across multiple departments within your business, it can also improve call centre efficiency and ensure successful first time delivery of your mail.

As a result of using valid addresses, you can reduce the price you pay on your Bulk Mail sent with NZ Post while helping us to process and deliver your mail more efficiently and accurately.

We can cleanse your addressing database (postal and physical addresses).  For an estimate on the fees for address cleansing please email [email protected].

Batch cleansing

Conduct batch cleansing if your business is considering cleansing your address database or mailing list for the first time.

Download the detailed guide to Batch Cleansing of Postal Addresses (PDF - 108KB)

Address database design

Your customer database should accurately capture and store name and address details and be able to match those details to sales and other transactional data.

Download the guide to Address Database Design (PDF - 62KB)

Data entry address validation

Data entry address validation can give you the confidence that address details have been captured correctly ensuring no returned mail or delays.

Visit our Developer Resource Centre which offers everything you need to integrate your websites and mobile apps with our APIs.

Download the guide to Data Entry Address Validation (PDF - 79KB)