Digital Postage Meters

  1. These terms and conditions apply to both Digital Postage Meter (DPM) Packages unless otherwise stated.
  2. You can choose one of the packages only.
  3. These packages cannot be used in conjunction with any other DPM Package.
  4. You must have a New Zealand Post Account.
  5. You agree to provide your account information to the DPM supplier for the purpose of clarifying the terms of the package.
  6. The DPM model offered to each customer is at the discretion of the DPM supplier and is based on the customer's postage spend and sending requirements. A full range of Digital Postage Meters can be viewed at the DPM supplier’s website
  7. The DPM supplier will decide the most appropriate DPM for the postal usage and review this on an on-going basis to ensure it is suitable to your needs.
  8. To take up Package 1, you will need to spend a minimum of $100 (incl. GST) each month with New Zealand Post, on a combination of domestic and international letter and parcel items able to be sent via a DPM (i.e. not courier or tracked products or parcels over 1.5kg in weight or 70mm in thickness).
  9. To take up Package 1, you must sign up as a New Zealand Post Account customer for a term of four years or more.
  10. The free lease of a DPM (under Package 1) is for one DPM per customer, although the DPM supplier reserves the right to offer multiple DPMs depending on your total spend with New Zealand Post.
  11. Neither package includes ongoing sundries or any artwork (e.g. for overprinting envelopes or company personalised advertising slogans loaded onto the DPM).
  12. For any mail product selected from the DPM menu and processed through the DPM, the discounts offered by the relevant package will be applied. Any discounts in any other contract you have with New Zealand Post do not apply.
  13. These packages are subject to:
  14. New Zealand Post has the right to adjust or remove both of these packages as they see fit without prior notice.
  15. Incorrectly applied postage may be returned to receive a credit, if the incorrectly franked, unused items are sent to New Zealand Post with the request for credit no later than 12 months after the oldest item was franked. The total value of the request must be at least $20.