STEP 1: Select shipping service & pay

Arrival at You Shop UK or USA

When we receive your parcel we’ll get in touch, and ask you to:

  • Provide a New Zealand delivery address.
  • Complete your parcel declaration by selecting the Declare button for your parcel under 'Action required' in your You Shop account. Describe your contents, enter the value of your item(s), including shipping, upload the receipt for your item(s), and then hit submit. 
  • Provide the value of the parcel, including the postage you paid to get it to our warehouse, and upload your receipt/invoice. 
  • Select a shipping service and pay. 

We will hold your parcel for 21 days from the date of our first email telling you your parcel has arrived.


STEP 2: Our team dispatch your parcel

Dispatch from You Shop

Once your payment is received the warehouse team will process your parcel for dispatch. Days of dispatch depend on the service you choose and which You Shop warehouse your parcel is shipping from.

Standard service - USA: Parcels are dispatched via air freight twice weekly.
Standard service - UK: Parcels are dispatched via air freight twice weekly.
Economy service - USA: Parcels are dispatched via sea freight on the second Tuesday of the calendar month.

Timezone differences & notifications


STEP 3: Receive your parcel in NZ

Arrival in New Zealand

In New Zealand we will process your parcel before handing it to NZ Customs. Customs charges may be payable. 
Once Customs releases your parcel to us, we aim to deliver it to you within 1-3 working days (delivery to rural addresses may take a little longer), and you will be able to track its progress using our online tracking tool.  

Oversized sea freight parcels will be released by Customs to the Auckland International Freight Centre.

Help with You Shop

Depending on the value of your parcel, we offer compensation for loss or damage.

Compensation may be considered if your parcel is damaged or lost after it has been received by the You Shop warehouse.

Use our Assistance Form to enquire about your parcel.

When compensation applies, we will pay the lesser of the following:

  • Value or declared value of the item as determined by us
  • Cost of repairing the damage
  • NZ$2,000 for You Shop USA and NZ$1,400 for You Shop UK
  • GST
  • NZ Customs fees - if paid to NZ Post

If your compensation claim is approved, we will refund any You Shop international postage paid for your parcel(s).

We have no liability if your parcel has been lost or damaged from actions outside of our control. This also applies to any indirect or consequential loss, damage, or cost, however it arises.

All delivery times are targets only, so we won't compensate for late delivery. See the You Shop terms and conditions for more information.

Any claim by you for loss of, or damage to, your parcels must be made in writing and received by us within 21 days after your parcel:

  • is delivered to you; or
  • in the case of non-delivery, was estimated for delivery.

You must comply with the procedures, and provide us with the information, set out on for making a compensation claim.

Due to the time zone difference the warehouse does not operate Sunday or Monday New Zealand time (the USA & UK weekend).

Because of this, if your item is received at the USA or UK warehouse late Friday or Saturday (New Zealand time) you may not receive notification of its arrival until Tuesday afternoon (New Zealand time).


We will hold your parcel for 21 days from the date of our first email telling you your parcel has arrived. If you have not paid the international postage by the end of this period, we may dispose of your parcel. We’ll send you two payment reminders before this happens.

Think your parcel should already be with us? Don’t worry – it can take up to 3 working days for us to process your parcel and notify you of its arrival. If you still haven’t received notification, your parcel may have been sent with an incomplete address - check if we have received it at the link below.

Understanding the costs to ship a parcel to New Zealand can be complicated. Visit our pricing page to find out what you may need to pay before using your You Shop address to shop online. 

You can also calculate how much duty and/or GST you may need to pay to Customs by visiting the What's My Duty estimator.

The shipping estimate for your oversize item covers delivery to the Auckland International Freight Services Centre only and not for final delivery within New Zealand by NZ Post. You can collect your goods from the Freight Services Centre at Auckland Airport or we can provide a quote for onward oversize shipping anywhere in New Zealand. Please email us for more information.

Contact You Shop

Having trouble with You Shop? Get in touch and our support team will contact you within 2 working days.

NZ Post International Freight Services
Cnr Tom Pearce & Geoffrey Roberts Road
Auckland Airport
Auckland 2022

To arrange Sea Freight parcel collection: [email protected]

To discuss oversize sea freight and onward oversize shipping within New Zealand: [email protected]