Bulk letters, documents & small parcels

We offer a cost-effective and flexible service for sending letters and documents in bulk internationally.

International Volume Mail

A cost-effective way to send large numbers of letters and documents internationally

Delivery target 3-10 working days

Send up to 1kg

Zero-rated GST

Free pick up

 International Economy Bulk

Send large amounts of international letters and small parcels up to 2kg on a regular basis

Delivery target 3-10 working days

Send up to 200g letters & 2kg parcels

Zero-rated GST

Free pick up

Business Mail Centre

Let our Business Mail Centre process your outward mail, so you can focus on running your business.

The Business Mail Centre is a team of experts who take care of your full rate mail and parcels using the latest equipment and technology. They do the thinking for you - the team ensures that the correct and lowest cost postal options are applied to your postal requirements.

Our Business Mail Centre offers the complete processing of your outward mail including sorting mail into service streams, facing, bundling, completing documentation, putting a postage impression on each item, and lodgement, including:

  • Franking of empty envelopes for customer use
  • Applying customer logo as part of the envelope overprinting service
  • Handling of any response or fulfilment requirements
  • Outsourcing of one-off mailings instead of taking your staff away from their core responsibilities
  • Picking up your mail and taking it directly to your local mail centre for you

Key benefits

  • Let your staff get back to business: our mail handling experts manage your outgoing mail so your staff can concentrate on your core business
  • Pay only for what you use: move your mail processing from a fixed cost to a variable one based on actual mail volumes
  • Track your spending: get a clear picture of your postal spending with our customised reports that allow you to charge mailing costs to cost centre level
  • Save on capital expenditure: New Zealand Post Business Mail Centres have the latest mail processing technology and equipment.

Next steps

Digital Postage Meters

More cost-effective and more efficient than stocking prepaid products, a digital postage meter lets you weigh, frank, seal and brand your business mail.

We’ve contracted with Pitney Bowes to produce, install and maintain digital postage meters (DPM) which you can use to weigh mail and apply the correct postage.

Use of a DPM allows you to receive discounts on postage for your domestic parcels and all international mail items. DPMs automatically update price changes so your mail will always carry the correct postage. They also have a four digit PIN to prevent pilfering of postage included envelopes, prepaid tickets and stamps.

The cost of a DPM varies depending on which model you choose and which package applies. There are two DPM packages:

Package 1 - Free* DPM

Use of a DPM for four years or more, free of lease charges*, if:

  • your spend** with New Zealand Post is more than $100 (incl. GST) each month, and
  • you sign up as a New Zealand Post account customer for a term of four years or more.

* You will still need to pay for ink and software for the DPM, labels and any artwork or other incidentals.

** Spend is calculated on the types of mail items you can process through a DPM – domestic and international letters and non-tracked parcels, of less than 1.5kg weight and 70mm thickness.

Package 2 - Own DPM Payments

You pay for your own purchase or lease of a DPM and receive a 5% discount on domestic letters processed through your DPM.

DPM Conditions

Discounts on postage charged when selected from the DPM menu, are:

  Domestic Letters Domestic Parcels International Letters International Parcels
Package 1 - Free* DPM 0% 13% 5% 10%

Package 2 - Own

5% 13% 5%


  • The use of your DPM (whether leased or purchased) will be subject to the DPM supplier’s terms and conditions.
  • You must be a New Zealand Post corporate customer with a New Zealand Post Account.
  • Any product discounts you have under a customer contract with New Zealand Post will not apply for mail processed through the DPM.
  • ParcelPost items can be upgraded to Tracked by applying a ParcelPost Tracked upgrade ticket.
  • Our DPM terms and conditions apply.


Once an order is confirmed, your DPM supplier aims to deliver and install your DPM within three to five working days. If you don’t have a current New Zealand Post Account, this may take slightly longer.

Next steps

  • If you already have a New Zealand Post Account, contact Pitney Bowes directly on 0800 PITNEY (748 639) to talk about the package options available to you, or complete the online form
  • Or to get a New Zealand Post Account, contact our Customer Service Centre.