Bulk mail

Bulk mail is for sending 300+ items. To send fewer items, see your options for sending letters and mail.

Getting started

Sending over 300 letters and documents? We’ve brought together what you need to know about sending Bulk Mail to make it as easy as possible for your business.

Zonal Pricing

Zonal Pricing is a pricing structure that charges different prices for mail deliveries to different areas.

Bulk Mail service

Choose the right Bulk Mail service for your business when sending same-sized items, same weight range or creatively shaped items.

Lodging mail

Lodging mail with your mail house or directly to NZ Post is the last step in the Bulk Mail process.


A PermitPost number is mandatory if you want to use any of the Bulk Mail products.

Digital postage meters

More cost-effective and more efficient than stocking prepaid products, a digital postage meter lets you weigh, frank, seal and brand your business mail.

Business mail centre

Let our Business Mail Centre process your outward mail, so you can focus on running your business.

Address layout standards

Clean up your addressing data and send your mail to the correct address to ensure fewer Gone No Address and Return to Sender mail.

Address certification

Ensuring your customer addresses are valid NZ Post addresses aids efficient first time delivery of your mail.

Bulk Mail Envelope layout standards

When sending bulk business mail, your items must comply with our Bulk Mail Envelope Layout Standards to ensure they are processed with maximum efficiency.