Locator API

Display details of New Zealand Post locations through a filtered search.

Looking for an API for domestic postal addresses?

The Locator API has NZ Post locations only. Please have a look at our Address Checker API if you are looking for domestic postal addresses.

Within your own website or application, get location details of New Zealand Post services.

This API is used for:

  • Searching for and viewing details of New Zealand Post locations on your own website or application.
  • Returning details of New Zealand Post locations based on several specific search requirements.

Getting started

If you want to get straight into the nuts and bolts, read our API documentation for technical information about how to access the API, and what methods are available:

  • Locations method
    A general purpose search for locating various New Zealand Post assets.
  • Details method
    Displays the details of a location when a location ID is entered, including contact information, available services and physical address.

Get an API key

The API key works like a password to your account and gives you access to our tracking services.

To get your unique key simply fill in the online Locator API key form.

We aim to turn around all applications within two working days.